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Sustainablility can seem so complicated. It doesn’t have to be.

It simply means practices we can keep up indefinitely without causing harm.

Where can you find carefully researched, balanced, and practical information that can help you live in harmony with nature?

Right here. Read Sustainability Scout regularly!

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It’s a jungle out there. A wilderness of clashing claims and rants about our environment. Let Sustainability Scout explore the jungle––do the research––so you don’t have to. Come here often for useful, reliable information and tips to enhance your green lifestyle. And check out my books.

ultimate guide to green living
The ultimate Guide to Green Living: 156 tips to save money, improve your health, and transform your community

With all these practical tips, you’re sure to find some you haven’t thought of yet.

Before and after the first Earth Day 1970

A view of environmental history from 50 years before to  50 years after Earth Day. Learn what problems we have solved since Earth Day, which we haven’t solved, and which ones no one had thought of yet.

When the river ran gray

The only book-length description of the third-worst coal ash spill in American history, the Dan River coal ash spill of 2014. What did industry, government, and environmentalists do wrong? And what can we learn from it?

Articles with a general overview of issues in sustainability. Sometimes it helps to look from the trees to the forest.
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Articles with practical tips and advice for using less energy in your home and in your car.
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Find some delicious recipes, as well as practical suggestions for grocery shopping and stopping food waste.
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HomeGreen Home
Articles about habits and products that will help you live green.
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HomeLawn and Garden
See how you can make your lawn and garden look beautiful more sustainably.
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Find out about ways to use water more efficiently.
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Learn what and how to recycle and what happens to it all after you have put it out.
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HomeWaste Reduction
Read about how to reduce the waste you generate—and what to do with what you can’t eliminate.
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diy enzyme cleanerCleaning
Articles about how to clean your home while keeping the environment clean.
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online shoppingShopping
Learn how to make the most eco-friendly choices as you shop.
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bamboo forestSustainable Materials
Find out about which materials are more sustainable than others.
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HomeProducts and Reviews
Read about eco-friendly products and kinds of products.
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HomeEnvironmental Stewardship
Learn how God always intended for us to take care of the planet, which is not what humans have ever done.
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HomeClimate Change
Separate what the science says from the shrill rhetoric of many activists.
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HomeEcological Footprint Calculators
Use the ecological footprint calculators I have scouted out to help you.
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