Girl on footbridge in forest
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Hi. I’m David Guion, the Sustainability Scout.

It’s a jungle out there: a flood of information and misinformation, a wilderness of rants and conflicting claims. I love to explore it––do the research so you don’t have to. Besides what I’ve published on Sustainability Scout, here are some books I’ve written.

It’s a jungle out there. A wilderness of clashing claims and rants about our environment. Let Sustainability Scout explore the jungle––do the research––so you don’t have to. Come here often for useful, reliable information and tips to enhance your green lifestyle. And check out my books.

Are you sick and tired of environmentalists trying to scare you or make you feel guilty? So am I. 

Will the earth soon stop supporting life if we don’t take drastic action on climate change? Or is the whole thing a hoax? And that’s only one issue.

Most of us know that the truth lies between the extremes. And also that we can’t leave all the decisions about sustainability to governments and businesses.

But some people take drastic action to limit their “carbon footprint”—so drastic that after a while they can’t continue. Their attempt at extreme green living isn’t sustainable!

So what is sustainability?

Basically, it means practices we can keep up indefinitely without causing harm environmentally, economically, or socially. As individuals, we can add green lifestyle habits a few at a time. We can lead by example. We can stay informed. Start below to explore what I have found for you.