16 things never to flush down the toilet

The toilet is a marvelous contraption. Press a lever and everything in it disappears. It refills itself with clean water. But flush only urine, feces, vomit, and toilet paper. If you don’t know what not to flush down the toilet, you’re asking for a clogged toilet.

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Toxic chemicals in cleaning products

I don’t believe in trying to scare people, but many household cleaning products have toxic chemicals. Especially volatile organic compounds (VOCs). People can also create dangerous chemicals when they mix different cleaning supplies. It’s not like everyone will drop dead from them, but we need to know what we’re working with and what alternatives we have.

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diy enzyme cleaner

Should you make homemade cleaners?

When you look at the cleaning aisle in a grocery store or big box, you’ll see all kinds of products that clean only one thing. Some of them have harmful ingredients. And nearly everything comes in plastic. Reasons enough to think of homemade cleaners.

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