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The many benefits of outdoor solar LED lights

You don’t need to invest in an entire rooftop solar system to take advantage of solar energy. Just get some outdoor solar LED lights. You can get lights with a built-in solar collector or lights with a solar panel you can mount at a distance. In that case, if you want to put lights in spots that don’t get much sunlight, you can mount the panel in a spot that does. There, it can enhance the beauty of your lawn and garden.

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How to make compost at home

You can buy bags of compost, but why? It’s so easy to make compost at home. Gardeners call compost “black gold.” It creates rich humus that provides nutrients for plants and helps soil retain moisture. And it can divert as much as 30% of household waste from landfills.

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compost pile

What to compost at home

Do you garden? Then you need compost. You can buy it at the garden store, but why pay for what you can easily make yourself? Unfortunately, composting is not as easy as piling up all the organic matter you can find. Only a commercial composting operation can handle some of it.

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Your eco-friendly lawn and garden

If you live in a house, you have a yard to take care of, whether you own or rent it. Americans have a love affair with a lush grassy yard. In fact, counting parks and golf courses, we grow more grass than any other irrigated crop.

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