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Climate change: dissent vs junk science

The scientific consensus on climate change is not what activists proclaim. Unfortunately, junk science persecutes any climate change dissent from political correctness

Michael Shellenberger on climate scare: censored?

Forbes pulled an article by Michael Shellenberger criticizing the climate scare. Charges of censorship seem exaggerated. What actually happened?

Communicating sustainability: three common messages

Communicating sustainability is not a single message. Here are three among the different messages and what’s necessary to make them work better. 

Before and after the first earth day 1970

Bad Earth Day predictions and climate change

Why is it so hard to persuade people about climate change? For one thing, Earth Day speakers in 1970 predicted worldwide famine and a coming ice age. 

The climate change debate: how much does being right really matter?

Climate change is a scientific fact. Screaming that we only have 12 years to save the planet is not. Yet some environmentalists seem more interested in changing minds than in changing behavior. Where is cool-headed thinking in the climate change debate?

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