Dressing up a basic white sauce for unlimited meal ideas

Making a basic white sauce is easy. And once you master the technique, you can vary the ingredients to please your tongue with lots of flavorful meals. 

Super-easy, nutritious pancakes from scratch

Who needs pancake mix? Homemade pancakes from scratch are just as easy and better in every way. Homemade pancake syrup is easy, too.

22 simple tips for sustainable food: an ultimate guide

Sustainable food begins with choosing healthy food, but also keep in mind energy and water use, production costs, transportation, packaging, and food waste.

Grocery shopping habits and the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our grocery shopping habits. Which new habits have a bad environmental impact, and what can we do to mitigate it?

How to make soup: easy, healthy recipes and procedures

Making soup is easy. You don’t know how to make soup? Here’s how to make lots of easy and healthy soups using only a few basic procedures. Try them all.

What makes the best cutting boards: wood, plastic, or bamboo?

The best cutting boards were long made from wood. With easily available plastic and bamboo cutting boards, what are advantages and disadvantages of each?

Learning to feed the world with food sustainability

Food sustainability looks at more than nutrition. It considers the whole life cycle of food, from farm to plate. And what happens after we’ve eaten, too.


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