Your sustainable kitchen: must-have no waste, non-toxic utensils

A sustainable kitchen is a no waste kitchen among other things. Here are some eco-friendly kitchen products that will help your efforts.

Hemp fabric vs cotton and bamboo: how sustainable is it?

Hemp fabric is relatively unknown. As more people become familiar with it, this sustainable fabric will challenge cotton and bamboo in the marketplace. 

Rechargeable batteries vs disposable batteries: which are best? 

Rechargeable batteries are more eco-friendly than disposable batteries and cost less in the long run. They’re better for nearly everything. 

What can we use instead of paper towels?

Sustainable living requires minimized single-use products and finds alternatives. Fortunately we have lots of substitutes to use instead of paper towels. 

Dishwasher vs hand washing: which is the most eco-friendly?

Comparing dishwasher vs hand washing. How do you do each of them? Which uses the least water? What can’t go in the dishwasher? And what about germy sponges?

Why use silicone kitchen tools and cooking utensils?

Silicone is a manmade polymer, but it’s not plastic. It’s more like rubber. What are the benefits of silicone kitchen tools and cooking utensils?

Leather, faux leather, vegan leather, and the environment 

Real leather raises multiple issues. Faux leather, a plastic leather, raises environmental issues. What about newer vegan leathers made from plants?

How to save energy with window treatments

Energy-efficient window treatments keep heat on the right side of the window. They prevent fading, enhance privacy, and save money, too.

reusable cloth grocery bags

Reusable cloth grocery bags vs plastic bags

Reusable cloth grocery bags have some downsides. Plastic grocery bags have some environmental advantages. Which are really better for the environment?

The hidden costs of not going green

You can easily see the costs of going green. You can easily miss the hidden costs of not going green. Keep your eyes on the environment and your wallet.

bamboo forest

Bamboo products and sustainability: how eco-friendly are they?

Bamboo’s sustainability depends on what it’s made into. Some bamboo products are much more sustainable than alternatives. Others are only somewhat more.Here

8 cool solar products for your home: buyer’s guide

Solar products don’t all need sunlight. Some work with indoor light. You need something like these gadgets anyway, so run them on free energy!

Online shopping vs in-store shopping: which is more eco-friendly? 

The question of online shopping vs in-store shopping is more complicated than it looks at first. Here are some considerations to help you choose.

The many benefits of outdoor solar LED lights 

Outdoor solar LED lights enhance the beauty and security of your home and yard. Once installed, they cost nothing to operate. But beware of light pollution.

Energy-efficient home improvements for an older home

The newer a house is, the more likely it is to be energy efficient. But what are your energy-efficient home improvement options for an older home? 

Looks like plastic, made of molded bamboo!

Molded bamboo looks and feels like plastic. It may or may not be part plastic. Even with a plastic matrix, it’s more eco-friendly than plastic.

bamboo clothing
Zeyus Media via Flickr

How sustainable is bamboo fabric?

The sustainability of bamboo fabric (rayon) is questionable. Making it requires harsh chemicals. But how eco-friendly are any other fabrics?

16 things never to flush down the toilet

Some wastes can clog your toilet and damage plumbing. Others harm sewage systems and sceptic tanks or pollute water. Learn what not to flush down the toilet.

not a plastic bag. benefits of green living

Why live green? 6 essential benefits of green living

Some people portray being eco-friendly as a bunch of sacrifices demanded by killjoys. But the benefits of green living are rewarding, and it’s not that hard.

How to have an awesome sustainable home

Sustainable habits are good. Living in a sustainable home is even better. Discover the factors that determine sustainable construction.

Versatile, sustainable bamboo: uses and products

Bamboo products include almost anything that can be made of wood, paper, plastic or cloth. You can even eat it. Nothing else has more uses than bamboo.

Toxic chemicals in cleaning products

Many cleaning products have volatile organic compounds and other toxic chemicals. People can carelessly mix products and create their own hazards.

Should you make homemade cleaners?

Dissatisfied with commercial cleaning products? Many people are turning to homemade cleaners. But some have had to give up the DIY route. What can you do?

UV light sanitizers kill viruses and germs without chemicals

To protect your home and office from viruses and other health hazards, consider using UV light sanitizers. They do not require either harsh chemicals or steam.

Review: 59S X5 UV light sanitizer wand 

The 59S 5X UV light sanitizer wand quickly kills viruses and germs on all kinds of surfaces. It’s cordless and foldable, so you can take it anywhere.

Review: RAYCOP LITE UV sanitizing vacuum

Unlike ordinary vacuums, a UV light sanitizing vacuum, such as the Raycop Lite handheld UV sanitizing allergen vacuum, kills viruses and germs.

What makes the best cutting boards: wood, plastic, or bamboo?

The best cutting boards were long made from wood. With easily available plastic and bamboo cutting boards, what are advantages and disadvantages of each?

How to choose the right thermostat for your home

With manual, programmable, and smart thermostats, it can be hard to decide how to choose the right thermostat for your home. Here is helpful information.

Moving to sustainable consumption

We need to practice sustainable production and consumption to solve our waste problems. That entails recovering from society’s addiction to waste.

green home

Your eco-friendly green home

A home can be built green. Making a standard home green is more difficult but still worth the effort. A green home is healthy and cost-efficient.

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