lawn with shrubs, biodiverse lawn

How to transform your ordinary lawn to a beautiful biodiverse lawn

A biodiverse lawn has healthier plants and soil than an ordinary lawn. It can also be less expensive and easier to take care of. Here’s how to grow one.

Lawn alternatives for a more sustainable yard

In most parts of the country, the standard turf yard is not a sustainable lawn. What attractive lawn alternatives need less water and fertilizer?

How to make compost at home

You can buy bags of compost at a garden center, but why? It’s so easy to make compost at home––whether you have a large yard or none at all. 

What to compost at home

Composting can be a great alternative to the landfill. You just have to know what you can compost at home. It might be more or less than you think. 

Reusing greywater: benefits and problems

Did you know you can recycle water from cooking, washing, and bathing? Reusing greywater has benefits inside and, mostly, outside your home. 

Your eco-friendly lawn and garden

Your lawn and garden add a nice visual appearance to your home. An eco-friendly lawn and garden can do even more for the neighborhood. See how.

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