Babyfeel UV sanitizer box

The COVID-19 pandemic has made us all more mindful than ever of the need to keep our things sanitary. Hospitals have been sterilizing equipment with UV light sanitizers for decades. Now, with products such as the Babyfeel UV Light Sanitizer, you can get hospital-grade equipment you can use in your home or office. 

Have you tried to sanitize your belongings with alcohol or wipes? You know how hard they can be to find. They’re messy and time consuming. The chemicals may irritate your skin. And eventually, the wipes leave behind a mountain of trash. 

Mothers have been using steam or boiling water to sanitize baby bottles for generations. It can also be messy and time consuming. Especially when it’s time to clean the mineral deposits from the equipment. At best, you have to dry everything before you can use it.

A UV light sterilizer box kills viruses and germs with no mess and no waste. It’s the easiest and most convenient way to sanitize anything that fits in it. Put something in the box. Close the lid. Push a button and walk away. In a few minutes, come back and take everything out. It’s all sanitary and ready to use immediately. If something is so germy that it smells gross when it goes in the box, the UV light will zap the smell along with the germs. 

About the Babyfeel UV light sanitizer

See how much the Babyfeel UV light box holds!

Babyfeel’s UV sanitizer has four cycles. The sanitizing cycle takes 11 minutes. When you wash something in water before putting it in the box, you can use the 51-minute drying cycle or the combined sanitizing/drying cycles that sanitized for 11 minutes and dries for 41 minutes. Or you can choose the store cycle, which provides continuous 72-hour sterilization. 

This product was designed for baby bottles, which means it’s roomy. So empty your pockets or pocket book. Babyfeel’s UV sanitizer will sterilize your keys, phone, cash, credit cards, and masks. Not to mention your remotes, tooth brushes, makeup brushes, water bottles, and your children’s toys. 

Do you use a CPAP machine? The sterilize and dry function is especially appropriate to keep it sanitary. There’s plenty of room for both the hose and the mask. 

The reflective liner guarantees 360º coverage. The bulb has an estimated lifespan of more than  6,000 hours. It puts out UV-C light at a wavelength of 253.7 nm. It boasts certification from the FCC and Intertek’s Electrical Testing Laboratory and approval from the EPA. And you can protect your loved ones in your own home with  this medical grade, hospital strength product. 

For all this power and utility, Babyfeel’s UV sanitizer is attractive enough to leave out on the kitchen counter. As much as it holds, it doesn’t hog a lot of counterspace, either. 

Babyfeel is a small, family-owned company. It offers very efficient and very personal customer service. Three free filters come with the package—and a hand-written, personalized thank you note. The company sends two more filters when you register the warranty.

The vast majority of reviews on Amazon give the Babyfeel UV light box five stars.

Some caveats

According to an article in WebMD, UV light has successfully sterilized hospital equipment for decades, but devices for home use haven’t been around long. Scientists haven’t had much time to do research on them. They are not regulated. 

Devising UV technology that is both safe and effective requires very good science and engineering. The best products will therefore be expensive. Many cost twice as much at the Babyfeel UV sterilizer. The less expensive ones don’t work reliably. I will say that in the months that  I have been paying careful attention to UV sterilizing products, the prices have come down steadily.

Part of the problem with reliability, though, may result from not filling the box properly. UV light kills only germs on the surfaces it touches. If you put a billfold in it, it will sterilize the outside of it, but not whatever is in it. You have to take cash, credit cards, etc. out before putting them in the box. Also, if you allow two objects to overlap, the UV light will not sterilize the unexposed surfaces.

UV Light Sanitizer | UV Sterilizer Box by Babyfeel | Sterilizes anything in minutes

The Babyfeel UV light sanitizer is probably one of the least expensive of the reliable products. It has been independently lab tested, which is good. A few reviews have noted problems with the bulb, but say that Babyfeel replaced it quickly. 

Hundreds of enthusiastic users can’t be all wrong. For a modest price, you can get a UV light sterilizer that will kill germs and viruses safely with no hassle or mess. The peace of mind it  will give you is priceless. Order yours today!