Review: RAYCOP LITE UV sanitizing vacuum

RAYCOP LITE UV sanitizing vacuum

A UV sanitizing vacuum can protect against disease and allergies much more effectively than an ordinary vacuum.

The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us of the importance of sanitation. We’ve actually known all along, though. Every year, we have to deal with seasonal flu and the common cold. We catch other diseases caused by airborne bacteria, too. And what about pollen, dust mites, and other health hazards?

Here’s how vacuum cleaners work

  • They have an intake port at the bottom and an exhaust port. The fan that blows air toward the exhaust port creates a partial vacuum. The air pressure at the exhaust port is less than the pressure at the intake port, so air flows to fill the void. 
  • The rushing air picks up loose matter—the dust and debris––and carries it along. Many vacuum cleaners have rotating brushes at the intake port to loosen even more. 
  • Everything passes through a bag or other porous receptacle. The air can flow through the pores. The solid matter, being too big, gets trapped. The best vacuum cleaners also have a HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air) to prevent even more dust from flowing out through the exhaust port. 

Unfortunately, all vacuum cleaners release some dust back into the room. Germs and viruses, in particular, are too small for all of them to get trapped even in a HEPA filter. A UV light sanitizing vacuum kills them before they make their way into the airflow through the machine. 

About the RAYCOP LITE UV sanitizing HEPA allergen vacuum

A doctor developed the prizewinning line of RAYCOP allergen vacuum cleaners. They eliminate allergens and provide relief from allergies and asthma. The handheld RAYCOP LITE UV sanitizing vacuum is designed to work on upholstery, bedding, etc. but not your floors. 

It has a HEPA filter, of course. Also, its pulsating pads vibrate rapidly to loosen even more dust. And so it removes it three times better than ordinary vacuum cleaners. 

What’s more, the UV light kills bacteria and viruses. It paralyzes dust mites to impair their ability to multiply.

The UV light turns off the machine when you lift it from the surface. Therefore, it can’t shine in anyone’s eyes or otherwise harm people’s or pets’ bodies. It may take some time to learn how to keep it in contact with not completely flat surfaces.

The unit plugs into the wall. Routine maintenance includes cleaning the two washable filters and replacing them from time to time. Many users report needing to clean the main filter after every use. It picks up that much.

People with dust mite allergies love how they can breathe so much better at night. The RAYCOP LITE UV sanitizing vacuum even picks up dust a HEPA air filter misses. After all, the air filter can clean the air but not fabric surfaces. This UV light sanitizer and vacuum is easy to use, lightweight, and reasonably quiet. An attractive holder is sold separately. 

Use it to vacuum not only mattresses and furniture, but pillows, hats, and stuffed animals. Its suction is not as strong as an ordinary vacuum cleaner’s. Therefore, it won’t pull light fabric into it. 

Some caveats

UV light sanitizers for home use have not been regulated. According to WebMD, not enough scientific research has been published. Some experts would not recommend investing in this technology right now, both for lack of data and for possibility of user error.

Therefore, if you decide to buy any UV product for killing viruses and germs, read and follow the instructions carefully to avoid using it incorrectly. Used properly, however, these products ought to be both safe and effective. A UV sanitizing vacuum can sanitize surfaces other products can’t handle. Since it’s designed by a doctor, the RAYCOP LITE UV sanitizing vacuum seems an especially good choice. Order yours today!

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