hazardous household wastes

Hazardous household wastes from A to Z

Don’t be frightened by hazardous household wastes, but know what they are and how to dispose of them safely. And consider alternatives.

What can we do with dead batteries?

Dead batteries are harmful to the environment. Recycling batteries is easier said than done. But we can’t just put them in the trash, can we?

The perils of plastic pollution

Plastic doesn’t degrade or decompose. It will outlive us in the environment. Here are some plastic pollution facts and suggestions for what to do.

What to compost at home

Composting can be a great alternative to the landfill. You just have to know what you can compost at home. It might be more or less than you think. 

7 easy ways to use less plastic

Plastic waste is everywhere, even at the bottom of the ocean. It harms people, too. The way to reduce it is to use less plastic in the first place.

Moving to sustainable consumption

We need to practice sustainable production and consumption to solve our waste problems. That entails recovering from society’s addiction to waste.

10 tips to use less paper and save trees

Americans use more paper than anyone else in the world. Here are simple tips to use less paper, green the environment, and leave more green in your pockets.

Tips to reduce waste at home

Refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, rot. 5 Rs of sustainability. Waste reduction matters more than recycling. Here are tips to reduce waste at home.