earth from space. help the environment
Earth from space (NASA photo)

Easy ways to help the environment that have a huge impact

It doesn’t take big i sacrifices to help the environment. Small changes to eco-friendly habits make a big difference in your environmental impact.

16 things never to flush down the toilet

Some wastes can clog your toilet and damage plumbing. Others harm sewage systems and sceptic tanks or pollute water. Learn what not to flush down the toilet.

Saving water with low-flow fixtures and other simple upgrades

Personal water saving habits don’t count for enough if your house wastes water. Here are some simple low-flow upgrades that can reduce your water usage a lot

Why water conservation is important

Living beings require water and return water to the atmosphere. Water is a renewable but finite resource. Water conservation and avoiding pollution matter.

Reusing greywater: benefits and problems

Did you know you can recycle water from cooking, washing, and bathing? Reusing greywater has benefits inside and, mostly, outside your home. 

Water faucet. Water conservation

Water conservation at home

Nationally, water conservation can seem like a huge, complicated project. Water conservation at home, on the other hand, is as simple as it is important.